About the Drawing Vault

Based in Laguna Niguel, California the Drawing Vault maintains the largest collection of as-built, scanned paper and digital CAD construction drawings for commercial properties in the world.

Every month thousands of CAD drawings and construction drawings are scanned, indexed and uploaded into the Drawing Vault for online access.

The Drawing Vault is owned and operated by Stevenson Systems, Inc. Stevenson is a Space Accounting firm that measures commercial buildings and maintains square footage calculations and lease information for more than half a billion square feet throughout the world.

Stevenson is a BOMA International Official Floor Area Measurement Interpreter and has been on the Floor Area Measurement committee for nearly thirty years.

At Stevenson we believe in creating products that we ourselves want to use. Our goal is to produce services that are:

1. So easy to use you could learn them without a manual or training.

2. So reliable you can count on them everyday without a second thought.

3. So secure that you can trust that your data is safe.

4. So fast, that finding and accessing drawings is like having them open right in front of you.